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Alternative Homes for Youth

We are proud of the work we do and would like to share these testimonials from our clients:
I came to Alternative Homes for youth and I was a pretty angry guy. I was suppose to parole from a locked facility, but instead I was told I needed a little more support on my relationship building and I would be going to Alternative Homes for Youth.  

Upon arrival, I thought to myself, “This looks like a nice place”. Alternative Homes for youth has an introduction with staff and peers and I found all of the peers I would be residing with to be very positive which I was not used to. And, the Youth Advisors spent a lot of time with me going over the program and I was feeling very comfortable.  
Alternative Homes for Youth therapists have a way of teaching that I better understand than in my prior placements. I have been working on Offense Specific treatment, DBT, Healthy Relationships and Art Therapy.  

I have learned many new skills at Alternative Homes for youth. Here I cooked a meal for the first time in my life and learned how to properly do my laundry. Once a week we make a home-cooked meal where we choose recipes, purchase ingredients, prep and cook. Pumpkin pie and chicken and dumplings were the most recent. It is nice to look forward to that.  

The school program feels very much like going to a regular high school and I enjoy it. I was supposed to leave Alternative Homes for Youth in December, but I have been given the opportunity to stay for two extra months to finish my credits and graduate. I made the choice to stay to give myself a better start when I leave. I still can’t believe that I made that choice and it feels good.  

It has been great here and I really appreciate the help.  

From another youth:
When I started my program at Alternative Homes for Youth, I was thinking that I could still do whatever I wanted and there was not a person who could oppose me. I did not feel I fit in anywhere and I only cared about myself. I knew that when I made poor choices that it affected the way I made others feel, but I did not care about that either. This is my 6th group home and I was extremely hesitant to engage in the program.  

I began therapy and my therapist noticed all the little things and would check in on her own time. It was not my scheduled time and that meant a lot. I have a lot of self-harming habits and thanks to my treatment, I have not cut myself all year; the longest streak ever.  

Through all of this, I have learned how to be a stronger more independent person. Most importantly, I have learned three very important words: “Surrender” and “Delayed Gratification”. Also, I learned that I use to be a very selfish person.  

At Alternative Homes for Youth, I have earned my diploma, entered into the Independent Living Program and am currently job hunting.  

At Alternative Homes for Youth I have experienced Youth Advisors that really listen and help you through each day. I feel like I have made some strong and close relationships because of this that will help in a successful future.