Alternative Homes for Youth Client

When I started my program at Alternative Homes for Youth, I was thinking that I could still do whatever I wanted and there was not a person who could oppose me. I did not feel I fit in anywhere and I only cared about myself. I knew that when I made poor choices that it affected the way I made others feel, but I did not care about that either. This is my 6th group home and I was extremely hesitant to engage in the program.
I began therapy and my therapist noticed all the little things and would check in on her own time. It was not my scheduled time and that meant a lot. I have a lot of self-harming habits and thanks to my treatment, I have not cut myself all year; the longest streak ever.
Through all of this, I have learned how to be a stronger more independent person. Most importantly, I have learned three very important words: “Surrender” and “Delayed Gratification”. Also, I learned that I use to be a very selfish person.
At Alternative Homes for Youth, I have earned my diploma, entered into the Independent Living Program and am currently job hunting.
At Alternative Homes for Youth I have experienced Youth Advisors that really listen and help you through each day. I feel like I have made some strong and close relationships because of this that will help in a successful future.