About Us


It is our mission at Alternative Homes for Youth (AHFY) to teach, support, and model healthy life skills to youth and families by providing therapeutic and educational interventions to end violence.


Alternative Homes for Youth (AHFY) specializes in transforming the effects of trauma, neglect, and abuse in the lives of children. Our commitment is to respond to the needs of the community and our clients by integrating current research to create individualized treatment plans and multi-modal treatment approaches which are adaptive, vital, and effective.


Alternative Homes for Youth (AHFY) began in 1976 as a group home for at-risk teenage girls in downtown Denver. AHFY grew and ultimately developed programs across Colorado, providing emancipation services, drug and alcohol treatment, treatment for youth with sexually abusive behaviors, mental health treatment, intensive individual, group and family therapy, survivors of abuse treatment and interventions for behavioral problems as well as numerous juvenile offender issues. AHFY’s primary clients have always been at-risk adolescents, while simultaneously providing support and treatment to their families.

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