AHFY treats adolescent males with sexually abusive behaviors, mental health challenges, substance abuse challenges or other criminogenic behavior in a 26-bed residential facility, divided (by age) into two 10-bed units (North Unit and South Unit). In addition, AHFY has an Independent Living program component built into the residential treatment program, allowing older youth (who demonstrate the ability) to gain the necessary life skills to ultimately live independently, while doing so in a safe, structured and secure environment.

When working with this population and designing effective programming, it is crucial to address the youths’ own trauma experiences, skill deficits, personal strengths, family impact, and cognitive reasoning skills. All staff are trained in trauma informed care principals and interventions.

Programming includes a structured schedule during awake hours. During the day residents will either be in school earning high school credits or for post-graduate residents they will participate in daily Post Graduate programming.

Post-Graduate Program

AHFY offers a 40 hour a week program for youth who have already earned their high school diploma/gained their GED.

Education Program

AHFY provides a range of educational opportunities including: high school diploma completion, GED preparation, college preparation, special education services. Youth are offered a small classroom environment and individualized instruction.